Sunday, 17 November 2019

Onstage Local Perth November 2019

Wow what a wonderful day it was yesterday at onstage in Perth. 
The whole day is a bit of a blur but it was awesome anyway!

Ok..... a week before we went away to Exmouth in the September/ October holidays, I received a phone call from Donna Williams at head office in Sydney asking me if I would like to present Jacque Williams 1 million CSV stampset that she designed when she reached her awesome milestone......

I instantly said yes!! (What was I thinking I said to myself no way will I ever present at onstage again!!) I obviously can't say no to her! I then went away for two weeks and had the most wonderful holiday.

It meant I really only had a couple of solid weeks to work on samples and what I was going to say before I snuck away for a quick holiday with hubby to Bali and a few days later my friend Vicki arrived from Brisbane the week before the event.
It was full on! I did have an awesome set which was so easy to work with!

That feeling of nervousness snuck in about halfway through the day and I thought oh my goodness I am going to be sick! Public speaking is my worst fear and now I was about to do it again for the second time in 3 years! Luckily I love the products so it was easy to talk about. I even changed up my little script and got a few laughs along the way. That made me feel a lot better and especially hearing the reactions to my cards made it all worthwhile.

I was really kicking myself as I forgot to take my digital camera to get pictures... I had some great demo friends who sent me theirs - thankyou to them all I am so grateful.

Here are a few

After the day I went out for dinner with a group of lovely demonstrators and was able to relax a little. I slept well last night.... and I may or may not have had a nana nap this afternoon.

Here are my actual samples

Beginner Style Card using one colour of a blend.

Casual Style Card with watercolouring on watercolour paper.

 Avid Card open using both light and dark Stampin' Blends to get some depth in the image

Avid Card Closed

Onstage was about celebrating others and I made this card to celebrate my friend Denise on presenting for the first time yesterday.

 Pigment Sprinkles

Whitewash technique with water colouring.

Paper Piecing

Adding other stampsets such as A good man

Using our laser cut paper

Diorama Card

Black, White, Poppy Parade and some shimmer paint.

Here is my haul from the day and isn't the backpack amazing??

I was lucky as a few of my team came along and we all got to sit together.


I met so many more awesome people yesterday and I am so happy that I started this journey. If you would love to join my little team the Inkypinks and come along to the next onstage please contact me as I would love to hear from you.
Or click HERE!

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